We are an approved AIA CES Provider and conduct the popular "Outdoor Lighting-LED versus HID and Human Vision" course. We also provide other educational resources to assist lighting professionals gain knowledge and technical expertise in the fast-growing area of LED lighting.

LED versus HID Lamp Sources

Provides a visual comparison of High Pressure Sodium (HID) light sources compared to LED. See how combinations of distribution and color temperature affect visual acuity.

Typical LED Pole Spacing

Shows the typical pole spacing for 46-watt and 78-watt LEDs. View charts that apply to parking areas, pedestrian walkways, and most outdoor public spaces.

AIA CES Course – "Outdoor Lighting – LED versus HID and Human Vision"

In conjunction with our lighting representatives, ANP Lighting conducts an AIA CES course that discusses how the human eye perceives light under night time conditions and how changing the lamp source color temperature effects vision.

During the session you'll see real world examples to learn the effects of lamp color temperature on vision and you’ll discover how LED sources save energy and improve vision compared to HID sources. You’ll also learn to calculate how different LED light sources save energy over traditional HID sources and observe how different lamp sources, light distributions and color temperatures effect night time vision.

For more information on AIA CES course number ANP-5-2014, please contact your ANP Lighting Representative or call us at 800-548-3227.